Wedding Dress Dry CleaningWedding Dress Cleaning

Your Wedding Dress is precious and should only be trusted to an experienced, expert team and the Jeeves specialist Wedding Dress cleaning team has acquired a wide range of specialist skills and techniques over the last 20 years to clean the marks and stains that naturally result from your wedding celebrations.
The Jeeves dry cleaning plant has a wide range of modern environmentally friendly machines to clean the complete range of materials used to manufacture a Wedding Dress. Our specialist Wedding Dress cleaners team have the equipment and skills to clean your Wedding Dress.

Preservation – in a box

Storage space an issue? Then we recommend a Wedding Dress box, our specialist Wedding Dressdress-in-a-box cleaning team carefully layer your Wedding Dress into the box after lining the box with pure white acid-free tissue paper which is then layered in between the folds. The acid-free tissue paper provides your Wedding Dress with protection from discoloration and air-borne moisture.

Boxing of your Wedding Dress is also recommended if you intend to keep your dress for the long term because it protects it from insects and sunlight, but it allows it to be stored in its own safe, isolated environment avoiding any possible accidents, spills or knocks. Also, you can remove your Wedding Dress from the box at will and easily return it to the box.

Preservation – in a Wedding Dress bag

Some brides choose to hang their Wedding Dress and then we recommend that our seamstress makes a calico bag to protect the Wedding Dress because a calico bag will breathe and reduce the possibility of the dress being affected by air borne moisture.

Hotel Pickup

Let us deal with your Wedding Dress while you leave on your honeymoon.
Its easy, just arrange to leave your Wedding Dress with Concierge of your Wedding Night Hotel, advise Jeeves of the Hotel and date and we will collect it and our Wedding Dress cleaners will have it all cleaned for your return.


Home Pickup and Delivery

Sometimes, with working full time and activities on Saturday it is hard to visit Jeeves so we also offer a home pickup and delivery service

Mail Order

Live a long way from Sydney and your local dry cleaner is not an experienced Wedding Dress cleaning specialist that you can trust? Then perhaps our mail order system is the answer – its easy mail your Wedding Dress to us and we will:

  • Examine your Wedding Dress
  • Telephone you to discuss the marks, stains that we have noticed and the cost to clean and box your Wedding Dress
  • If you choose not to proceed we will return your Wedding Dress by return mail at no charge
  • If you choose to proceed, we will clean and box your Wedding Dress
  • We will then telephone you to discuss the cleanliness of your Wedding Dress and arrange payment and then mail your Wedding Dress
  • One week after mailing your Wedding Dress we telephone you to ensure that your dress has arrived and confirm that you are happy with our work


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