Make getting dressed on your wedding day an absolute breeze with these 8 all important tips:

1. If your garment bag is plastic, take your wedding gown out of it and hang your wedding gown where it will be safe from children or pets. Wrap it in a clean sheet to protect it from light and dust.

2. Make a list of everything you will need the day of the wedding– including things for emergencies. Its handy to have things to treat spills with to prevent damage to your wedding gown the day.

3. Several days before the wedding, look over your wedding gown and wedding accessories and make sure everything is ready to wear. TIP: Hang your veil near the shower to smooth any wrinkles.

4. Wear your shoes around the house so you will be comfortable the day of the wedding. You might even rub the soles of your shoes against a sidewalk or other rough surface to make them less slippery.

5. Arrange for someone (two “someones” are even better) without a fresh manicure or dark polish to help you dress in your wedding gown. Or hire a professional dresser who will take responsibility for your wedding gown all day and make sure you are dressed perfectly in a wedding gown that is not creased or wrinkled and is bustled properly.

6. Make sure you know how to bustle your wedding gown and show whoever is helping you dress how to do it, too. TIP: Pin five or six safety pins to the underside of your wedding gown. They will not show, and you will be glad so have them in an emergency!

7. Allow plenty of time to get dressed in your wedding gown. Allow even more time if it is raining. I repeat – allow plenty of time to get dressed in your wedding gown. Allow even more time if it is raining.

8. Most importantly, remember to relax and enjoy every minute of your special day because your wedding day will go by all too quickly!